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                Mold Processing Equipment

                CNC Wire-Cutting
                The company has many sets of Swiss AgieCharmilles wire-cutting machine, processing position precision and dimension accuracy is ± 0.002 mm, surface roughness is Ra0.1, can use diameter 0.07 mm electrode wire for cutting

                CNC Machining Centers
                The company has many sets of German DMG processing center, processing position precision and dimension accuracy for ± 0.005 mm, can make beforehand processing and finishing before heat treatment, could also be after heat-treatment finishing, machinable hardness reach to HRC60, surface roughness is Ra0.1 

                Precision Grinding
                Mainly used for machining steps, groove, slope and R etc. shapes of inserts in punch and matrix die, finishing size can reach ±0.002 mm, surface roughness is Ra0.2 

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