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                Technical Advantage

                CAD Technology:
                The company combines mould industry characteristics and enterprise's actual situation, proceed with secondary development based on AutoCAD software, establishes a comprehensive database of standard parts, which improves the die design quality and design efficiency.
                Mould 3D Design Technology:
                In the mold design aspects actively promote 3d design, can undertake motion simulation, interference, greatly reduced design error probability, the possibility and improve the design quality.
                CAM Technology:
                Application of computer processing programming, put all the NC machines connected through the local area network, realized under computer control without drawings of processing and improve the machining accuracy and efficiency.
                Parallel Processing Manufacturing Technology:
                In order to meet the market demand, and shorter cycle of traditional mold machining process of the in-depth analysis of the foundation, parallel processing manufacturing technology is adopted on each links, such as market information, design, supply chain, processing, assembling, testing, production and so on, greatly shorten the mould manufacturing cycle.

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